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Pennine Link is the magazine produced by the Huddersfield Canal Society for its members and supporters.

We are starting to make back issues of Pennine Link available online here for your interest and enjoyment. The first five editions were known as the Bulletin. The title "Pennine Link" has been used from edition six.

These back issues are .pdf files. Your browser should be able to display them automatically, but if not, you may need to download a PDF reader such as Foxit Reader or Acrobat Reader.

Issue 67

Jan 1986

Wakefield Road progress, 1965 trip through Standedge

Issue 68

Mar 1986

GMC Legacy offer, New Initiatives and the Future

Issue 69

May 1986

£1.2m Grant, Wakefield Road Bridge, Marsden-Slaithwaite reopen

Issue 70

Jul 1986

Restoration 5 years on, South Pennine Dingy Marathon

Issue 71

Sep 1986

Leisure & Recreation Report: Initial Findings, WRG Summer Camp

Issue 72

Nov 1986

L&R Benefits Report, Last Traffic on the Narrow

Issue 73

Jan 1987

Bates' Planning Refusal, Restoration Photo-Feature

Issue 74

Mar 1987

Three Men in a Boat, Boathorses

Issue 75

May 1987

Environmental Projects, Stalybridge River Route chosen

Issue 76

Jul 1987

10th Ashton Festival, 'Benji' & another 'First'

Issue 77

Sep 1987

Kirklees Canals Festival, Bates' Appeal, Boating on the HNC

Issue 78

Nov 1987

Kirklees Festival Report, Bates' Refusal, Sales Report

Issue 79

Jan 1988

Oldham MSC Scheme, L&R win Standedge Contract

Issue 80

Mar 1988

Bids for Money, Restoration & The Society, 'Benjamin Outram'

Issue 81/82

May 1988

Festival Edition, New Adult Training Programme

Issue 83

Sep 1988

European Funding, SSSI status in Tameside, Summer Wine

Issue 84

Nov 1988

Assistant Projects Officer, Ministerial Visit, Yellow Brick Road

Issue 85

Jan 1989

Mini Profiles, Three Cheers for Brussels, Pennine Passage

Issue 86

Mar 1989

Roaches Lock Project, Restoration Photos, Mini Profiles

Issue 87

May 1989

Training Schemes, Inter Society Quiz, Paddle Gear

Issue 88

July 1989

Diggle Restoration, Stalybridge Three Locks Rally

Issue 89

Sept 1989

Mersey Basin Campaign, BW New Management Structure

Issue 90

Nov 1989

HCS Restoration Ltd, Standedge Preview, Kirklees Festival

Issue 91

Jan 1990

Tunnel Survey Special

Issue 92

Mar 1990

Roaches Lock feature, Historical Notes, BW New Rates

Issue 93

May 1990

Canal History, Standedge Walk, Small Boat Rally

Issue 94

Jul 1990

Ashton Festival 1990, Employment Training Demise

Issue 95

Sep 1990

Kirklees Festival 1990, Stand up & be Counted, Tunnel End Festival

Issue 96

Nov 1990

Civic Award, Fundraising, Don Phillips Restoration Maps

Issue 97

Spring 1991

Restoration 10 years on, Diggle Restoration, Return of 'Toepath'

Issue 98

Summer 1991

Staley Wharf, Restoration Video, Northern Canals Association

Issue 99

Autumn 1991

Tunnelling Councillors, Aerial Photos, Waterways for Youth

Issue 100

Winter 1991

Milestones - Looking Back, Launch of Marsden Shuttle

Issue 101

Spring 1992

Derelict Land Grant hopes, 50th Lock Topped Out

Issue 102

Summer 1992

1992 Festivals, Horus' Nile, Employment Action

Issue 103

Autumn 1992

New slipway at Uppermill, Festival Reports, 2000th Member

Issue 104

Winter 1992

Major Restoration Report, DoE visit Canal, Weil's Disease

Issue 105

Spring 1993

Restoration Maps Rethink, Sainsbury's at Aspley

Issue 106

Summer 1993

Transhipment Shed, 1960 Photos, Wife's Tale returns

Issue 107

Autumn 1993

Whitelands Canal Centre?, Arthur Cooke's History

Issue 108

Winter 1993

Mossley Locks and Transhipment Shed Official opening

Issue 109

Spring 1994

Standedge Experience, Westminster Trip, Over the Top

Issue 110

Summer 1994

Bicentenary History, Staley Wharf, Diggle's First Sod

Issue 111

Autumn 1994

Coopers & Lybrand Study, Manns Wharf Bridge opening

Issue 112

Winter 1994

Then and Now Feature, Canal & Riverboat Praise

Issue 113

Spring 1995

Staley Wharf Opening, Linthwaite Trailboat Rally

Issue 114

Summer 1995

Water-based Dredging, Wedding at Shed, Distaff Side

Issue 115

Autumn 1995

Midi Summer Dream, Lock Photo-feature

Issue 116

Spring 1996

Blockages, Lottery Bid Send off, New Restoration Map

Issue 117

Summer 1996

Launch of Standedge Pioneer, Diggle Flight Opening

Issue 118

Autumn 1996

Millennium Bid Update, Towpaths & Cyclists, IWAAC Report

Issue 119

Winter 1996

Standedge Experience Plan, A fourth Tom Rolt Award

Issue 120

Spring 1996

Millennium Success! Standedge Storyline, The Future of HCS

Issue 121

Summer 1997

Millennium Progress, Sonia Rolt's Canal People, Council News

Issue 122


Festival Reports, Stalybridge Then & Now, 'Postcards' Series

Issue 123

Winter 1997

Millennium Agreement Signed, Alan Stopher's first Report

Issue 124

Spring 1998

IWAAC Report Recommendations, Not the Wife's Tale

Issue 125

Summer 1998

Guillotine Gate Commissioning, Slaithwaite Restoration Scheme

Issue 126

Autumn 1998

HNC Top of the List, Festival Photo Features

Issue 127

Winter 1998

English Partnerships Match Funding, HCS Photo Competition

Issue 128

Spring 1999

Everything Signed, Where Next for HCS?

Issue 129

Summer 1999

Demise of HCS Restoration Ltd., Silver Jubilee for HCS

Issue 130

Autumn 1999

Partnership with the People, Uppermill the First Time

Issue 131

Winter 1999

Press Visit Standedge, Progress Photo-feature, A first website

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